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Do you struggle to fit consistently clean eating and exercise into your daily life? Have you tried to improve your fitness and health, but given up before getting to your goals? You want to do something about it—you may even know how to do it—yet the everyday schedule, vacations, travel, stress, and other commitments get in the way. If you are like me, once the Summer ends, the hectic schedule of work, school activities, sports, and family obligations usually take priority.

Goal setting and daily planning

Goal setting and daily planning

It is time for a 5-day readiness boost challenge. This challenge is for anyone who desires to jumpstart a fitness goal, or set a new goal. We will work on the four Ws of readiness: Why, When, What, and Where. Each day we work on one aspect of the mental game involved in setting your goals and following through.

My story

I get it. You have tried before and could not stick with it for long. You may be asking yourself, why try this?

I have been in your shoes. My career and work commitments always were a priority for me. Working 10 hours daily at the office took a toll on my health. After the birth of my son, I was the heaviest I had ever been. And I had no energy to boot. Many “starts and quits” later, I realized that accountability with the right mental attitude was key to sticking with the program. A few coaches later, I am closer to my goal than ever. I have lost over 40 pounds using these techniques.   Periodically, I need to keep my goals in check, renew my level of commitment, and clarify the picture of my end-goal. This challenge is part of that process.

Join me as we work on rebooting goals, setting a realistic and foolproof plan, and renewing the excitement of maintaining good health and reaching fitness goals.

This is a free 5-day coaching session, which I will conduct online within a private Facebook group discussion. I am looking to help 5 to 10 people. Here is an application form to help me understand your needs and tailor the program to you.

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