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I am a professional in the legal field who seeks to help others in their fitness and health transformation. For 20 years, long days at the office, travel, and the stress of the day-to-day made it challenging to get fit and eat healthy. I vowed when I turned 40 that I would change my life and would seek more balance. I have managed in the last two years to lose over 40 pounds and a dozen inches off my body. The journey is not over for me–those last 15 pounds are a challenge that I work everyday to reduce. I have tested nutrition plans, workouts, and the tools that work. And I have found that accountability and daily motivation are key to incredible transformations of mind and body. I want to inspire and help others like me to find their fit and healthy selves, while keeping the career and the hectic family life. If I did it, I believe anyone can do it. I can help.

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