• Superfruit basics–Acerola


    Growing up in Puerto Rico, I thought everyone knew of acerolas–i.e, a caribbean cherry.  The fruit is tart and juicy at its peak, and is quite abundant in the island.  It is not uncommon for it to grow in the backyard, just as we grew papayas and bananas.  Recently I found out that acerolas are categorized as a “superfruit.”  With an incredible supply of vitamin C and vitamin A, this little gem is sought after as a supplement. It has not been reported to be a substantial source of polyphenols.  But its antioxidant properties are evident.

    Primarily, acerola has been used to boost immune system health and prevent colds, naturally, because of its vitamin C content.  Another benefit has linked acerola to effectively fight cellular aging.

    Although I am not able to pick fresh acerolas where I live, I have access to the acerola cherry benefits.  This is but one of the dozens of superfoods included in Shakeology.  Yes, I would prefer to eat the fruit, rather than consume it in my superfood meal replacement shake.  But the fruit perishes quickly.  And I don’t think it would survive shipment should I dare to buy some from Puerto Rican suppliers.  For now, I will keep drinking my Shakeology every day, reveling in the memories of my long-gone acerola picking days of my youth.

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