• Challenge Groups for October 2015

    Call to Coaching

    Have you been curious about coaching?  How you could expand your network of super-motivated people with like-minded goals Yes, Coach!and ideas?  Interested in upping the ante, becoming accountable to a team you lead by example, while also having the potential to earn income?

    Take a peak at the coaching life, in a 5-day daily sneak peak, where coaches explain what they do, how they do it, and, more importantly, WHY they do it.  There is zero commitment to learn more.  Lurk about as you hear our stories.

    We host one 5-day group each month.  The next one starts on Monday, October 5, 2015.  Comment below to be added to the group.

    Pursuit of Happiness Group

    Lately, have you felt buoyant upon first awakening?  Full of energy and joy, and ready to start your day?  We could all feel a little more excited about our lives, right?  Inspired by the seminal work by Dr. Martin Seligman published in “Authentic Happiness,” we have created a challenge group that marries the work of body transformation with the work of cultivating habits that have been shown to generate happiness in one’s life.


    For 30-days, I, and the talented team of Beach Ready Now coaches, will be guiding you through your daily commitments to yourself and to your ideal you.  With a challenge group, accountability and motivation are supplied daily, online, where you can be sure that, no matter the time of day or where you are in the world, support during your transformation is available.  If you could use a little more happiness in your life and you are looking for a way to commit to your fitness goals and achieve them, consider this challenge.  Give it a go!

    If I have not worked with you in the past or you do not know if a challenge group is right for you, please APPLY HERE.  Otherwise, ask me about joining this challenge by leaving me a message via in Facebook–where you can find me.

    My story

    I get it. You have tried before and could not stick with a healthy routine for long. You may be asking yourself, why try this?

    I have been in your shoes. My career and work commitments always were a priority for me. Working 10 hours daily at the office took a toll on my health. After the birth of my son, I was the heaviest I had ever been. And I had no energy to boot. Many “starts and quits” later, I realized that accountability with the right mental attitude was key to sticking with the program. A few coaches later, I am closer to my goal than ever. I have lost over 40 pounds using these techniques.   Periodically, I need to keep my goals in check, renew my level of commitment, and clarify the picture of my end-goal. A positive mental attitude is a key ingredient to success.  This challenge is part of that process.

    Looking for More, But don’t know where to start?  Check out the free 5-day Reboot group.

    Want to know more about challenge groups?  Read this article.


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