• What is a Challenge Group?

    You may have seen my invites to join a challenge group, and may be asking: what is a challenge group, and, is it f
    or me? I describe here what a challenge group is, but whether it is something you can commit to doing, is a question only you can answer.

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    When like-minded people or people with a particular interest get together to work on a c
    ommon goal or social endeavor, we often refer to the collective as a committee, club, or community. A wine club, for example, gets together socially on occasion to discuss the world of wines and to share experiences with others with similar affinity. A challenge group for fitness and clean eating is comparable, except, that it is centered around a community of people with an interest in achieving fitness and/or healthy eating goals. Every member of a challenge group has different fitness goals, but all members are committed to follow through with the challenge.

    You’ve probably heard that it takes 21 days for a behavior to become a habit. One of the advantages of participating in a challenge group is that they run, typically for 21 days. Sometimes with a few days of preparation and mind-setting built in, so that on Day 1, the group is ready and excited to start. With a daily check-in, members of the group share their successes, struggles, and questions. The moderator of the group, a coach, is there daily, to answer questions, motivate, inspire, and push the challengers to conquer each day. At the end of the 21 days, we assess our progress. Some challengers prepare a before-and-after collage to memorialize their journey. Others describe how the challenge has helped them push through tough days because of the accountability built in with the group. The challenge group is the community with which we celebrate triumph over a slump, we push to reach our goals, we commiserate about the difficulties of the journey, we maintain the synergy of our hard-work, we collaborate to do our homework, and we tally up our wins and losses.

    Like any other group, membership, or club, the experience is enhanced by participation. This is key. Daily commitment to check-in with your group is the equivalent of showing up for an appointment. Here are five additional points to consider.

    1. A fitness program is always required. From time-to-time, we get bored with a particular routine and we need to change it up–keep it interesting. Let’s chat about your favorite activities so we can select the right program for you.
    2. Shakeology is not always required, but it is recommended, always. We push to eat clean and follow a nutrition plan that meets our goals, but a healthy meal on-the-go is a challenge for most of us. Shakeology is the healthiest meal or snack of the day.
    3. There is no particular fitness level or goal that is typical in challenge groups. Some of us want to lose weight, others want to cross-train while preparing for a marathon, yet others are maintaining weight loss, but building muscle definition. It does not matter where you are in your fitness journey for you to have success with a challenge group.
    4. The daily check-in is a requirement. Commit to it, and you will succeed. If life throws a curve-ball, we can restart or catch up. But quitting or dropping off should not be an option.
    5. Have a realistic goal in mind. The success stories are unique for each individual. I know that, for me, a loss of 15 lbs in 21 days is not realistic. Heck, even 10 lbs is a huge stretch. Instead, my goals are measured by how many reps I can do, or how lose my clothes feel (getting into those skinny jeans, for example). Let’s work on the big goal, but for each¬†challenge, the goal is broken down to daily activity that compounds over time to get you where you want to be.

    My story

    Since giving birth to my son, twelve years ago, I have had extra “luggage” around my mid-section. I struggled with the weight and in keeping my energy levels at an acceptable level. I tried powders, shakes, bars, prepackaged meals–anything that looked convenient, easy, and fool-proof. My excuses were plentiful: too busy to workout, not enough time to cook dinner, I have to eat out to entertain clients, addicted to coffee, I don’t like veggies, etc. Eventually, I worked on overcoming these excuses. It was a matter of choice and control. I learned to take control of my health and to make the choices I needed to make. No longer living in auto-pilot, I turned to Beachbody to supply a fitness program. With the 21 Day Fix and, more recently, P90X3 and PiYo, I am down to the last 10-15 pounds. I am a work in progress, but I am in better shape now than I have been in over a decade. I believe that anyone can achieve their desired level of fitness regardless of lifestyle, career, or environment. Applying what I have learned, I am here to coach others to take control back and to overcome the excuses preventing the transformation they deserve.

    So, don’t wait to find out if a challenge group is for you. Give it a go, and commit to daily action. ¬†Fill out THIS FORM to apply for the next challenge group and start your transformation NOW.

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