• Clean Eating with the Family

    Making clean meals that the family will enjoy is not an art form–this can be mastered with some planning.  It all starts with the weekly menu plan, especially for the work-week of Monday through Friday.  Those days benefit from a preset menu where outings, after-school activities, late work days, travel days, and eating out days are thought out in advance.  With a little bit of practice, anyone can prepare a weekly menu plan.  It helps, however, to learn some tricks and to have at your fingertips planning tools that make the process easier.  I started with paper, post-it notes, and notebook paper.  After a few weeks of preparing a menu moving post-it notes around a weekly grid, I realized that I eat regularly the same breakfast and lunch, and that dinners with the family are where I spend most of the planning time.  So, now I start with dinner–what will the kiddo eat, how it fits with my nutritional goals, and what are healthy meals that I can prepare in minutes after coming home late from work.  Usually, I prepare at least one meal ahead, on Sunday nights, and freeze for later in the week.  This saves me time later in the week.


    My most recent meal plans follow the 21 day fix nutrition guide.  I learned to plan this way by joining a 5-day clean eating and meal planning online group.  This is a great way to get started or to learn from others who have developed tips and tricks to fit nutrition in their busy lives.

    Want to learn how?  Get my free downloadable “Meal Planning Made Easy.”

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