• Three Ways to Naturally Deodorize your Space, Effectively

    Make Natural simmering deodorizer

    With burning fireplaces, fur babies, sautéing with oils, and lingering dirty dishes, the kitchen, and the rest of your home, may need some sprucing up.  Obviously, cleaning the space to remove the offending source is the surest way to reclaim it.  There may be, however, lingering scents that are less than inspiring.  Here are three ways to deodorize naturally and effectively.

    1.  Run an air purifier with a charcoal filter.  Our home tends to trap kitchen odors in the back of the house, i.e., bedrooms.  While cooking dinner, this is not a problem.  Afterwards, however, dinner smells do not make an inviting, relaxing space.  We have been able to neutralize the impact of our culinary masterpieces by running an air purifier equipped with a charcoal filter.  It runs 24/7 in our bedroom and our kitchen, but it is so quiet that we do not mind the low humming sound.  And the effect is quite noticeable.  
    2. Simmering natural deodorizers.  I am not talking about candles here (although those sometimes work).  I am referring to filling a small pot with water and simmering it with herbs and citrus fruits.  Most of the recipes I have tried include one citrus fruit and one herb or aromatic.  A third ingredient could be an essential oil.  The basic method is very simple.  Bring water with the ingredients to a boil on medium-high, and then lower the temperature to simmer for as long as you’d like, checking often to ensure the pot does not dry up.  Add water to keep the simmer going.   This method is especially good for essential oils if you do not have a diffuser.  Here are two of my favorite scent recipes:
    • Lemon Vanilla Rosemary.   Fill a saucepan with 2 cups of water.  Slice one lemon.  Add the lemon and 1 tsp of vanilla to the water.  Drop in 2-3 sprigs of fresh rosemary.  
    • Orange Cinnamon Cloves.  Fill a saucepan with 2.5 cups of water.  Slice orange into 1/4″ slices.  Add one stick of cinnamon and 3 whole cloves.  

          Try these ingredients in combinations you like, to see which ones become your faves:  basil, christmas tree sprigs, almond extract, grapefruit, nutmeg nibs, sage, lavender oil, eucalyptus leaves, fragrant tea bags.  

     3.   Make your own spray deodorizer with natural ingredients.  I own many bottles of Febreeze, but this stuff is not natural and it leaves behind a fake, detergent scent that a lot of people believe smells “clean.”  This is a post about natural deodorizers–thus, Febreeze does not count.  Instead, quite easily, make your own.  I use a small 4 oz glass spray bottle.  Why glass?  Because the odorizing element in this natural solution comes from essential oils.  These oils will break down plastic and cause the bottle to leak.  So here is a recipe I like:  2 tsp white distilled vinegar, 2 tbsp vodka, 30 drops of essential oil (I use Purify from doTerra, but you can use any oil, or a mixture of oils, as long as you like the scent and don’t exceed 30 drops).  After putting all these ingredients in the spray bottle, fill with water.  Shake, and you are ready to spray away those bad smells.

    Have a happy, naturally deodorized home!

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