• Losing Weight With Blue Apron Meals, Thanksgiving Week

    Meal Plan Blue Apron and 21 Day Fix week of Nov. 24

    It’s another week of meal planning with Blue Apron meals.  My family and I are enjoying these dishes and I look forward to making them, even if their preparation takes more than 30 minutes (or even 45 minutes).  The cooking hour is my “happy hour.”  Therefore, I don’t mind spending the time it takes to prepare these meals.  I’d say that even though it takes longer to cook than most recipes I was used to, this services has saved me time.  My Sunday morning is no longer spent perusing my short stack of go-to meals and having to shop for all the groceries involved.  My refrigerator is clean and tidy with just the right amount of food for the week.  Very little gets wasted.  

    The Thanksgiving meal for us will be one of the Blue Apron meals.  Here is the meal plan for the week of Thanksgiving, with the modifications to keep the day’s consumption within the 21 Day Fix eating plan.

    1.  Cavatappi Mac & Cheese with Purple Top Turnip & Kale.  This is a meatless dish.  It is also loaded with carbs (flour, breadcrumbs, and pasta).  To keep within the 2 yellow container limit (for my level), I will not add the breadcrumbs to half the dish and reduce the amount of “sauce” produced with the flour and milk.  Additionally, this dish boasts a healthy dose of cheese, more than the blue container would hold.  So I am giving this one a two-blue container rating.  To keep within an acceptable level of daily fat consumption, the day will include 1 less “teaspoon.”
    2. Roasted Cornish Game Hen with Rosemary Baguette Stuffing.  This will be our Thanksgiving meal.  I will have to watch the portion of the stuffing so as to not exceed the yellow container allotment.  I think I will up the greens in this meal by adding a side of green beans (without the onion rings or mushroom soup, thanks.)
    3. Spiced Salmon & Cranberry Chutney.  I am really looking forward to this dish.  I love parsnips and cranberries.  The idea of all these flavors paired with a spiced salmon filet makes my heart sing.  The other folks here at Casa LBB (LifeBodyBalanced) do not enjoy parsnips at all—a disguise will have to be concocted.  

    What are your disguises for a not-so-loved veggie?

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