• Five Reasons Why I Drink Shakeology


    I am not a fan of drinking one’s meals. Let’s face it, we have teeth for a reason. But when it comes to the latest science of superfoods, the good-for-you nutrients and supplements have been extracted and refined so that we can access them easily in either powder form or pills. A quick perusal of the aisles at GNC or Whole Foods confirms this. Heck, I have seen chia seed powder for sale even at Target! For me, being able to get a good meal on the go is important. Protein bars were a staple in my weekly breakfast routine, until I reviewed the amount of sugar, sodium, and fat in one serving of my favorites. So, I came across Shakeology, which claims to be “the healthiest meal of the day.” I tried it for a full month. And here are the six reasons why I continue to drink a Shakeology shake every day.

    1. The Value.  At first blush, the price is a shocker. A 30-day supply bag of this stuff costs $120. That comes to $4 per serving. I used to pay just as much, every day, for a tall, nonfat, no whip, Caramel Frappuccino to beat the afternoon slump or when I felt like having a treat. But for the same $4 with the fancy coffee, I was ingesting zero fiber and more than double the amount of sugar one should consume on a daily basis. Sure, the price per calorie for these coffee drinks is a steal. I have a desk job, however–I don’t need to pile on the calories. So, for $4, the more reasonable 160 calories in one serving of Chocolate Shakeology delivers 6 g of fiber and 17 g of protein. That is value to me. A snack that fills you up, tastes like dessert, and feeds your body, without the extra calories. By signing as a coach or VIP member, I can enjoy Shakeology for even less because I get it at a discount.
    2. The Variety of Flavors.  I get bored eating the same foods every day. To add variety and to keep a sense of excitement throughout the day, my snacks vary in texture, as well as flavor. With other nutrition programs, I have found myself in a rut and having to jazz up Vanilla shakes in very creative ways. With Shakeology, I have many more options: Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, Vegan Chocolate, and Tropical Strawberry Vegan. And they all taste surprisingly good. Adding a bit of fruit, PB2, and a dash of cinnamon or extracts, makes for an endless variety of options.
    3. The Nutrient-Dense Ingredients. So it is supposed to be “the healthiest meal of the day.” Why? It has a good amount of protein. It is filled with antioxidants, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. It is sweetened with non-GMO fructose and natural flavors. It boasts superfood ingredients like camu-camu, blueberry, goji berry, spinach, acai, ashwagandha, kale, monk fruit, green tea, ginko biloba, and maca powder. It provides 100% of the Vitamins A, B1, B6, and B12. And with 24% of the daily fiber in one serving, it promises to fill you up and improve digestion and regularity. I don’t know any other health supplement product that has this many quality ingredients in one serving. Because I forget to take a multi-vitamin all the time, the habit of a daily nutrient-dense meal or snack makes forgetting not such a big deal.
    4. The Results.  The packaging and advertisement say that one serving per day will help you loose weight and reduce cravings. Shakeology, however, is only one aspect of a nutrition program designed to give the results you seek. One serving of this stuff was 10% of my caloric allowance for the day. It is not a free food. I have to be mindful of the add-ons and what else I am consuming during the day, especially when following the 21 Day Fix program. Did I get results? You bet! I no longer crave the afternoon coffee, sugary desserts, chips, or crackers. Without feeling deprived, I lost 4% body fat in three months following the 21 Day Fix and including the daily Shakeology drink as a post-workout meal. I no longer suffer from post-workout fatigue. To the contrary, I have more energy. The test for me is that when I do not drink it, I feel the difference.
    5. The Challenge Groups.  Last, but not least, I have experienced success with challenge groups; so much so, that I have become a coach to help others achieve their fitness/nutrition goals. Shakeology is an integral part of most weight loss challenges in which I participate. With a support group providing accountability and shared experiences, we have built a community of like-minded people who every day work on achieving goals, many of them similar to mine. The challengers motivate me to do better, to not slack off, to keep with Shakeology (and try new recipes), to eat clean, and check in every day–small steps that add up.

    If you have not given Shakeology a try, sample a couple of flavors, see how you feel throughout the day.  As a thank you for signing up with me as your free coach, I will send you a free sample, so you can decide if it is right for you.

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