Dream Big

A healthy body is only one component of a balanced life. I believe everyone can achieve their fitness goals. But maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just a number on the scale--it takes a mindset and consistent support.

Happy Days

Every day is a new opportunity to pursue a happy life and to achieve worthy goals.

Healthiest Meal of the Day

When on the go, a healthy meal is often difficult to plan. Since I started my weight loss journey with Beachbody, I knew I had to change poor eating habits. One of those was getting in a good breakfast. Juggling a full-time job, family, and other obligations meant I had to plan better. With a meal replacement shake dense with nutrients, my breakfast is now my healthiest meal of the day.

What to Make

Want to make healthy meals for your family and yourself, but do not know where to start? Through trial and error, I have collected a variety of great tasting dishes.

Support and Accountability Groups

Each month, I coach a group of online participants who desire to make lifestyle changes and learn new skills in the kitchen, on the home-gym, and in life. Try my 3-day Reboot group to jumpstart your goals and get started.

How to get Started

I believe anyone can get fit, given the proper program and lifestyle changes to bring about long-term success. Before I became a coach, I struggled to find the balance between giving the best of me to my law career, while also caring for my family and living healthy. There are no shortcuts, but you don't have to make the same mistakes I made. Contact me to learn how I can coach you for free.

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